Renewable Energy

Investing in a cleaner America

While Lansing Companies develops residential and commercial properties throughout the Southwest, our focus is creating builder-ready, master-planned communities in Southern California. We select the most desirable locations and work diligently with residents, municipalities, home builders, and financial partners to create communities to be proud of. This commitment to community is the reason landowners and builders continually trust Lansing Companies to plan and develop their most valued projects. Lansing Companies has become a significant land source for future renewable energy projects in the American West. The second largest utility company in Europe, Enel, and the leading distributed solar producer, Recurrent Energy, have turned to Lansing Companies for their green energy projects.

With our vast land holdings, Lansing Companies matches energy companies with ideal sites for prompt entitlement and development of utility scale solar, wind and geothermal projects. For example, our solar energy properties have flat topography and are situated in the areas of highest solar intensity, such as the Mojave Desert. Our renewable energy holdings are also located near transmission lines and power substations so that power can be uploaded easily. We are well-versed in the requirements of regulatory agencies.


Key Properties Description View
400 Acres – Mojave Proposed 60 MW Utility Scale photovoltaic solar farm. Kern County, CA.
585 Acres – Salton Sea Proposed 97 MW Utility Scale photovoltaic solar farm. Imperial County, CA.
683 Acres – Barstow Development stages of a solar energy project. San Bernardino County, CA.
849 Acres – Mojave Proposed 140 MW Utility Scale photovoltaic solar farm. Kern County, CA
7,000 Acres – Imperial Development stages of hybrid energy project utilizing both underground geothermal and photovoltaic solar technologies. Imperial County, CA.
8,000 Acres – Boulevard Currently proposed 150 MW wind project combined with 20 MW solar project. Boulevard, CA.
Enel’s Jewel Valley Project. [LINK]