Colinas Del Oro

Location: Colinas Del Oro is located along the west side of Highway 74 between the City of Lake Elsinore and the City of Perris.

Municipality: Unincorporated Riverside County, CA

Acreage: 125.86 gross acres

Zoning: Specific Plan

Entitlements: Approved Specific Plan No. 364, GPA No. 743, Change of Zone No. 7143, TTM 36450, EIR No. 530

Lot Count: 241 Single Family; 1 – 11.5 acre VHDR lot (198 DU*); & 1 – 11.4 acre mixed use lot (49 DU*)

*The target density within the Very High Density Residential and Mixed Use areas will be determined at the Plot Plan stage of development; however, the total number of units cannot exceed 247 overall, and cannot exceed the target range for each of the respective Planning Areas. A minimum of 49 units shall be constructed in PA1.