About Us

Leading the way with experience, creativity, and integrity

Founded in 1984, Lansing Companies is the leading expert in Southern California land development. Our executive principals each average over 30 years of experience in all aspects of this specialized market. This practical expertise, combined with integrity, creativity, and perseverance, has produced consistent, substantial returns for our investors and partners.

Lansing Companies has acquired, developed, and sold properties and currently owns and manages more than 20,000 lots and more than 35,000 acres throughout the Southwest. Our master-planned communities are well-known for their distinctive character and life-enhancing amenities. Lansing Companies also leads the way in renewable energy land development in the Western United States.


We are a comprehensive land development company. Our persistence and follow-through are all part of a successful formula which includes, among many other aspects, the following:

Selection and acquisition of raw land without entitlements
Strategic property planning that is both lucrative and appropriate for communities
Administration of the entire entitlement process, including specific plans, general plan amendments, zone changes, tentative tract maps, infrastructure improvement plans, final tract maps, and the procurement of all permits and clearances
Reworking of previously entitled projects and creating substantial additional value
Securing of third-party or public financing, joint ventures, and other investments
Collaboration with municipality staff, planning commission, design review boards, city council and neighboring communities and landowners to ensure a win-win outcome for all
Obtaining bids, selection of contractors, negotiation of contracts, and overseeing of the design and development
In-ground improvements including grading, sewer, water, storm drain systems, streets, masonry, and landscaping
Marketing and sale of completed projects to builders or other wholesale or retail buyers