How We are Different

The Lansing Difference

“Land development in Southern California is not for the faint of heart.” Greg Lansing, President, Lansing Companies

For more than 30 years, Lansing Companies has been successful through complex development challenges and the swings of the economy. Our comprehensive expertise, creativity, responsible business practices, and perseverance have been the keys to our success.

Creative, Collaborative Solutions
Lansing Companies continually finds creative solutions to the complex problems associated with land development projects. We negotiate tremendous results through a wide range of challenges, producing value where other developers cannot. For example, we have tackled environmental cleanups, flood-plain sites, land-locked sites, poor zoning, general plan amendments, and sites with no utilities. We work with cities and counties to cut fees and drop costly development hurdles, so that activity is generated—even in slow economies. We actively seek win-win scenarios, integrating the goals of residents, community leaders, regulatory agencies, and our lenders and partners to bring projects to successful conclusions.

Responsible Business Principles
Sound business practices contribute significantly to our success, especially in soft markets like today. While many developers have recently filed multiple bankruptcies, Lansing Companies has never filed a bankruptcy. The majority of our properties still appraise at more than their purchase price.

Year after year we make prudent decisions by anticipating changing market conditions, realistically evaluating the risks and rewards of each project, stringently controlling costs, accepting reasonable profit margins, and moving properties quickly. Above all, we treat everyone with whom we deal fairly and with integrity.