While Lansing Companies develops residential and commercial properties throughout the Southwest, our focus is creating builder-ready master-planned communities in Southern California. We select the most desirable locations and work diligently with residents, municipalities, homebuilders, and financial partners to create communities to be proud of. This commitment to community is the reason landowners and builders continually trust Lansing Companies to plan and develop their most valued projects.



Our comprehensive master plans often include a wide range of amenities that make a development feel like a neighborhood and bring a high standard of excellence to the city where our projects are located:

• Nearby retail centers and employment, reducing the need for long commutes
• Regional and local traffic solutions
• Improved local school facilities
• Homes clustered away from biologically sensitive areas to preserve natural space
• Recreational parks and hiking trails
• Creating value through strategic and creative planning
• The use of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation and landscaped basins that capture or filter runoff
• Preservation of the historical and cultural significance of the community



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